Tuition and Workshop Programme 2018

For the 2018 season, in addition to 1:1 personal tuition and guiding services, I will be working in collaboration with fellow Skye-based photographer Tim Wilcock providing workshops and photography tours both on Skye and in a variety of other locations across Northwest Scotland.

Aimed at developing both technical skills and artistic direction, the emphasis will be on close personal mentoring designed to realise your own photographic aspirations. We have an open philosophy regarding image capture ideology and the use of post-production techniques.  Our aim is to assist you on your photography journey - whatever path you wish to take.

We will be working in some of the most famous and scenic locations northern Scotland has to offer as well as some of the lesser known areas of the Highlands and Islands on a path of discovery away from the popular hot spots.

We are still working on the finer points of the programme, but if you would like further details please register your interest using the contact details and we will add you to our mailing list.   

Photography Workshops 2017

In collaboration with Tim Wilcock Photography we will be running a bespoke photography workshop on the

Isle of Harris

7th - 14th October 2017.

For details click HERE


Personal Instruction & Guiding

Location-based instruction available October-April only
Studio-based instruction available all year round

I offer bespoke instruction by personal request, rather than pre-scheduled workshops. I do not take my own photographs when  instructing or guiding, unless a demonstration of technique is required - my time is 100% your time. 

Location-based instruction is only available from October to April as during the summer months we are very busy in the gallery. Autumn, winter and early spring offer better light, more sociable sunrise and sunset hours and midge free days. I generally only take one booking in any week so that timing can take into account the weather conditions. 

Instructional sessions are flexible in contenttailored to suit your ability and experience, and are intended to provide an opportunity for you to enhance your current skill level whilst enjoying your holiday on Skye.

Studio-based instruction is best suited to beginners or novices wishing to improve their basic skill level and explore image capture and editing techniques. Normally conducted on a one-to-one basis but I can accommodate up to four people.

Location-based instruction is suited to more experienced photographers. I generally work on a one-to-one basis, however partners or friends are welcome to join us. (See 'Fees').  Small group workshops by arrangement.

Equipment. Instruction is aimed mainly at people using DSLR cameras but the basic principles of photography apply to any type of camera. However, for those who do not yet own a DSLR, equipment can be provided. I have a limited number of cameras available, so please reserve at time of booking. My loan cameras can be considered to be 'entry level' and are ideal for first time users. Images taken on loan equipment can be transfered to disc or bring your own flash drive.

Studio-based Instruction
Normally 3-4 hours in duration and specifically tailored to meet your requirements. The instruction covers basic camera skills, digital capture techniques and, if time permits, an introduction to digital editing - again tailored to your level of experience. These are normally run during the evening but day time bookings are also available.

Topics covered are:

  • Know your camera
  • Capture formats
  • Camera operation
  • Exposure
  • Focus
  • Composition
  • Photographic equipment
  • Digital editing software.

An outdoor shoot is not normally included in this session as it is easier to learn the basics in the dry and warm environment of the studio. However, it is essential that you bring all your gear and if you have a laptop with any software you are currently using, bring that too. If you have a manual for the camera it is a useful reference. This session normally sorts out any basic problems – booking subsequent location-based instruction is optional and there is no obligation.

Location-based Instruction
For beginners and novices, these sessions are intended to put into practice the basic skills gained in the studio session.

For more experienced photographers wishing to enhance their current skill level, we will shoot in some of the iconic and lesser known locations on Skye and work on more advanced techniques. Location-based instruction needs to be flexible and is 'time of day' and 'weather dependent'. Be prepared for early mornings, late evenings, wind, rain and cold. Always bring appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear.

Customised one-day photography tours of Skye visiting some iconic as well as less well-known locations. 
Technical assistance is provided on an 'as requested' basis.

Please note: The Storr, the Quiraing and the Fairy Pools are locations that are easy to find and visit without direction. The Storr and Fairy Pools involve moderately strenuous walk-ins, which consume time that is better spent learning about photography. Therefore, they are not included in my location-based instruction or guiding programme unless specifically requested - and then subject to conditions. Generally, locations will be based on prevailing weather, light conditions and accessibility. None of the locations I use require long hikes or a high level of fitness but  reasonable 'agility' may be needed. If any of the party have mobility concerns please inform me at the time of booking.

Fees 2017/18 Season
Studio-based Instruction
Studio-based instruction is charged at £20 per hour, irrespective of numbers. However, the maximum number of people in a session is restricted to four. You should note that the more people involved in a session, the longer it is likely to take to cover the content.

Please bear in mind that Skyescape Gallery is located in the northwest of the island near Dunvegan. Travel times and expenses can be high if staying in the south of the island.

Location-based Instruction and Guiding
The basic rate for one person is £200 per day. Any additional participants are charged at half the basic one-to-one day rate and total fees may be shared by the party. Non-participants, eg partners etc, are welcome to join us, should they wish to, and are free of charge. Accommodation, travel and vehicle usage to be arranged on a individual basis.

Please note that the more participants involved in an instructional day, the fewer locations will be included due to the additional time needed at each location to ensure each participant receives appropriate attention.

1:1 - £200/day

1:2 - £300/day

1:3 - £400/day

1:4 - £500/day

1:5 - £600/day

1:6 - £700/day

A 'day' is defined as eight hours, excluding a one hour allowance for refreshments which will not be charged. Any extra hours are subject to an additional fee of £20/hour.

For more information please use the contacts page, telephone or call in at the gallery if you happen to be on Skye. Flexibility is key to photographic success on Skye - the weather doesn't always play ball with photographers.