Russell Sherwood Photography - Skyescape Gallery: Blog en-us (C) russell sherwood photography (Russell Sherwood Photography - Skyescape Gallery) Tue, 20 Jun 2017 08:26:00 GMT Tue, 20 Jun 2017 08:26:00 GMT Russell Sherwood Photography - Skyescape Gallery: Blog 120 120 yourphotovision For the 2017 - 2018 season, in addition to 1:1 personal tuition and guiding services, I will be working with fellow Skye-based photographer Tim Wilcock providing workshops and photography tours both on Skye and in a variety of other locations across Northwest Scotland in a new in collaboration

yourphotovision is aimed at developing both technical skills and artistic direction, the emphasis will be on close personal mentoring designed to realise your own photographic aspirations. We have an open philosophy regarding image capture ideology and the use of post-production techniques.  Our aim is to assist you on your photography journey - whatever path you wish to take. We will be working in some of the most famous and scenic locations northern Scotland has to offer as well as some of the lesser known areas of the Highlands and Islands on a path of discovery away from the popular hot spots.

Further details at

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The Society of Scottish Landscape Photographers The Society of Scottish Landscape Photographers is a recently formed collective of like minded photographers who have a particular passion for the landscapes of Scotland. Originally conceived as a Facebook group the aim of the Society is to become a recognised body who's membership engenders not only photographic excellence but a deep appreciation and respect for the landscape in which they work. I am honoured and  proud to be a member of the society and an active member of it's admin team. For membership requests please visit





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Commissioned Project In October 2013 I was approached by Edinburgh based company David Campbell and Co to provide images for a project commissioned by Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE).  The project involved providing information about energy generation and the 'green' aspects of their hydro and wind power installations throughout central and northern Scotland.

The Scottish Hydro System is an amazing feat of technological innovation and engineering, with many lochs and rivers being linked by an extensive system of underground tunnels to a large number power stations that sit discretely in the Scottish landscape. A mental image of huge concrete structures scarring the beautiful Highland landscape is far from the reality - the dams are gracefully engineered and many of the power stations have classical architectural merit.

As a landscape photographer this project provided me with an opportunity to see some the most amazing parts of Scotland that I wouldn't have been able to visit under my own direction, as many of the installations and dams are in very remote locations with private or restricted access. Some of the power installations are actually subterranean!!

The project is ongoing and will provide public information boards throughout Scotland and form a 'Green Energy Trail'. Follow the trail - it's extremely interesting, a great way to tour Scotland and to see some fantastic scenery!

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Working with Music We have recently added music backing tracks to accompany the home page slideshow - inspired by a collaboration we have been working on with Brian Housman providing images to accompany his web page 'Stationary Travels'.

Stationary Travels is a music blog dedicated to taking journeys in music, it's a page to discover, share, and talk about great instrumental music – music that tells a story without words and that take you on a journey to somewhere. It features artists, albums, and tracks from a variety of mostly instrumental genres such as post rock, ambient, neoclassical, emotional electronica, acoustic, and original soundtracks. Whether you are seeking inspiration & energy, peace & relaxation, or just something new and beautiful, hopefully you will find it at Stationary Travels

Tracks featured are from the band 'Camel' and are titled 'Stationary Traveller' from the album of the same name, 'Ice' from the album 'I Can See Your House From Here', both great tracks discovered on Brians page. We will be adding more great music discovered on this fantastic page!

Currently playing is 'Healing Resurgence' by Medwyn Goodall from the album 'Medicine Woman' which is a track discovered on Facebook u-tube video post. featuring a motorcylce journey though one of my favourite highland counties, Southerland -  Scourie to Durness.



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