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Opened in April 2010 Skyescape Gallery is the 'home' of Russell Sherwood Photography. Specialising in contemporary fine art and creative landscape photography of the Isle of Skye and the Scottish Highlands and Islands. Skyescape Gallery is located on the scenic Harlosh peninsula loop road near Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye. (See 'Find Us')

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Guestbook for Russell Sherwood Photography - Skyescape Gallery
Jim Robertson(non-registered)
Russell why have I never been on your site before now? What a find and all thanks to you researching Moray etc. Your photography conveys your love for Skye and the wonderful subjects and light that the island is blessed with. Quality photography. I wish I had your vision.
Alex Saunders(non-registered)
Great website love the pamoramas
Linda Dahan(non-registered)
Hello Russell, my husband and I met you at the little cafe at the tiny marina while we were on a tour of Skye. The rest of the group went on a boat ride while we opted out to explore and have a coffee. You and your wife had just come off a long hike and were kind enough to spend time talking with us and explaining what life on Skye is like. I am a very amateur photographer but when you explained the one place that all photographers like to shoot I tried to imagine where is was from your description and shot a bunch of photos (just below under the huge rock overhang on the water's edge, looking out to sea?). When I returned home I went on your website to look at your photography - wowsers! I wish we had had time to visit your gallery! It is a real blessing to have experienced some of Skye and see that your photographs aren't any kind of exaggeration of it's beauty! I now understand what you meant when you said every single day the island changes and there's opportunity to capture the beauty. It was a privilege to meet you and your wife and I wish you all the best. If we find ourselves on Skye again we'll be sure to contact you.
Lynne Moores(non-registered)
It's always a pleasure to see you when we come to Skye, Russell. From the purchase of our very first masterpiece from you to following and seeing your work on here, visiting Skye wouldn't be the same without catching up on what your latest finds and captures have been. The website looks great and the slideshow was a treat to sit back and admire. Rob and I hope to see you soon.
Glenys and Vic Anthony(non-registered)
Visiting the Isle of Skye for the first time we wanted to be sure that we didn't spend all our time looking for the right locations to photograph.  Luckily we found  a great guy to guide us, Russ Sherwood who knows the island like the back of his hand.  On the one day with reasonable weather we were out with Russ from 6.30 until sunset and what a day it was.  Although we were not able to photograph all the locations we now have a better idea of where to go on our next trip.  Had the weather been a little kinder to us we would certainly have had further opportunity  for more help from Russ.   We feel that we arrived on the island as real green landscape photographers.  With  Russ' expert tuition we learned so much and leave with a far greater idea of how, why and what makes up a good landscape photograph.  Thank  you again Russ for a great experience.  We are now looking forward to putting your advice into practice.